Need Support?

Who can refer to Bairnecessities? 

We invite referrals from all agencies who work with families in need to ensure their babies’ basic needs are met. This includes Health Visitors, Midwives, Social Workers and other organisations that are in contact with vulnerable families.

Referrals are made by professionals on behalf of the families. Bairnecessities does not have direct contact with the families themselves, and we do not collect any information about them. We ask for their initials when you submit a referral. This is to use as an ID if we need to speak to you regarding the referral. We ask for any additional information that may be relevant to us when packing your referral. For example, if a family lives on the 4th floor with no lift, then we would aim to provide the lightest pram that we can.

If you work with families that you would like to refer, please register following this link.

Who can be referred?

 We currently collect items for newborn  up to age 18 months. We hope to expand this to pre-school age in the future. We do not have any detailed referral criteria, we prefer to rely on the judgement of our referral partners who best know the families’ circumstances. However, referral partners must bear in mind that Bairnecessities main aim is the prevention or relief of poverty and the families must be in need for this reason.

Referral partners will be required to give brief reasons for the referral to enable Bairnecessities to ensure that the items are given out in accordance with our aims.

All items are provided free of charge for the benefit of families in need.

Do you have a list of what items you offer?

If you would like a list of items that we offer to print off and take with you on visits then please email and request a baby essentials list.  You can then make your referral via the link below.

What is the referral process?

Once you have registered, you can log in to your account via the make a referral link. Complete the form and submit. Once we have your order we will be in touch if we have any questions. We aim to turn referrals around within a fortnight. Once your referral is ready, we will be in touch to arrange collection.

Please note: You will need to arrange collection of the items from our storage units by either yourself or one of your colleagues.

Where do I collect referrals from?

You can collect your referral from our storage in New Leeds. We will contact you to arrange a date and time for you to collect your referral. You will need to arrange collection of the items and delivery to the family by either yourself or one of your colleagues.

Can I share my login details with a colleague?

Please do not share your login details with anyone. Each individual referrer must create their own personal account. This is so we have an accurate record of the number of individual referral partners we have but also so that if we have any questions we know who to speak to.

I would like to be referred to Bairnecessities.

If you need held and would like to be referred to Bairnecessities, please ask your Health Visitor, Midwife or other professional to contact us on your behalf.

Terms & Conditions

When you register as a referral partner, you agree to the following terms and conditions :

I confirm that I am a health professional or work/volunteer for an organisation who has contact with families who may require the services and items provided by Bairnecessities. 

I understand that Bairnecessities main aim is the prevention or relief of poverty and I will refer families whom I judge to be in need in accordance with this criteria. 

The items which I request for a family will also be items which I judge that they need in accordance with the criteria. I understand that I will be required to give brief reasons for the referral in each case. 

I understand that all items are provided free of charge for the benefit of families I ascertain are in need. 

I understand that referrals are made by myself on behalf of the families. Under no circumstance will I share my login details with anyone. 

Bairnecessities has no access to clients’ personal information nor will it ever ask for these details from you. Bairnecessities will only liase with the referrer or appointed person within the same organisation. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree to arrange collection and delivery of requested items by someone in your organisation only. 

Bairnecessities takes reasonable steps to satisfy ourselves that items we receive are safe to be redistributed. 

All items received by referral partners and passed on to families should be cleaned before use and used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. 

If upon receipt, items appear inappropriate or unsafe, it is the responsibility of the referral partner and receiving family to stop using the items straight away. The referral partner should notify Bairnecessities immediately and no later than 2 weeks after receipt, and we will do our best to source a replacement item. 

The responsibility for the correct and safe use of all items supplied lies with the recipient. Once items are accepted, they become the property and responsibility of the family. Bairnecessities cannot be held liable for any incident which occurs as a result of items use once they have been passed to the family. 

Individual referral partners are not to refer themselves to Bairnecessities service. If this occurs, the referral will not be accepted and Bairnecessities will raise the fact that a self-referral was made with the individual’s organisation. Bairnecessities must ensure that all donations are given to families who are eligible and ensure our service is not used for referral partner’s personal gain. 

We rely on the independence and good judgement of our referral partners to ensure this. 

Should a referral partner find themselves in circumstances where they need support from Bairnecessities, then they should approach their Midwife, Health Visitor or other professional working with them to dis uss the possibility of a referral being made on their behalf.