Vision, Mission Statement and Values


Relieve poverty in the North Aberdeenshire area by providing good quality pre-owned baby items to families in need.

Promote sustainable living by reducing unnecessary wate and encouraging recycling and reusing.


Successful work with and within the local communities alleviating family poverty.


We strive to support families in need by providing them with pre-owned essential baby items free of charge, resulting in:

  • Improved living environments for babies and children.
  • Reduced financial burdens for families allowing them to focus on other aspects of home life
  • Reduction in the amount of items being sent to landfill and increased opportunities for recycling and reusing within our communities.


  1. Low Carbon Footprint. We will source from and provide to those in our local community.
  2. Collaborative. We will work closely with agencies (e.g. health visitors, social services and other professionals), charities and organisations.
  3. Sustainability. Any additional money raised will be reinvested into Bairnecessities to help us achieve our aims.
  4. Open and accountable. We will be fair, efficient and transparent in the way we conduct business.
  5. 3 Rs. We aim to Reduce waste in all that we do, both in our work with families and our business practices. We facilitate and encourage the Reusing of baby items and what we cannot reuse we look to Recycle in sustainable, environmentally friendly ways.