Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to provide families with items that we would use ourselves. Ask yourself whether you would pass it on to your best friend or would be happy to receive it yourself. If the answer is yes then we would love to have it! Please see our donations pages to find out what items we currently need and how to get them to us.

If you are unable to deliver your items please get in touch and we may be able to find a volunteer who can collect. It depends on what you are donating, where you live and the availability of volunteers.

Please join the donations group nearest to you from our Facebook page and the local volunteer can contact you directly to see if they can help.

We are in need of lots of items beyond clothes and equipment. Perhaps you could donate packs of nappies or wipes. Or maybe some nice treats for the mums. Please see our donations pages for information on how to donate toiletries, cash to help meet the running costs so we can buy items such as new mattresses, or choose something from our Amazon wishlist. We also need volunteers and fundraisers. Please see our information for volunteers or email us at…

Cash donations can help to buy items which need to be supplied new such as mattresses and bottle teats, replacement parts for donated items and items in high demand when we do not have enough donated stock. Cash donations can also help pay for the running costs on Bairnecessities Baby Bank., for example, helping us to pay for the rent of our storage.

As much as we would love to receive items from further afield, our storage isn’t manned 5 days a week so it’s tricky for us to receive parcels. You can however send us items through our Amazon Wishlist.

We ask everyone to email before donating so we can ensure we can make the most of your donations and they are suitable for the families we help. Also, our storage is not always open, so we want to make sure that someone will be there to meet you.

We deliberately do not publicise our address as we don’t want people dropping items when our storage is shut. Our social media team are all volunteers, responding to queries whilst juggling their paid jobs and home life. We aim to respond to every query but this can take some time.

We are always looking for more volunteers and have a variety of roles. Please see our volunteer page for more information.

We are based in North East Aberdeenshire.