Fraserburgh Community Church

A big thanks to everyone who donated to us through Fraserburgh Community Church.
A very generous donation of various items!

Below is our founder Helen collecting the items.

Clothing unit

Last week a few of our volunteers were out at the units to give it a slight ‘make over’!
We removed the old shelves and mirrored the other side to gain more space. This included building new shelving units.

Here is our clothing coordinator Wendy moving the clothing bundles around to make it easier to identify our boxes.

Thanks to everyones generous support we are currently at capacity for clothing at the moment unless stated on our monthly wishlists.



We recieved a very generous donation from Huntly Tesco last week of deodorant and conditioner which were on our items of the week wishlist.

This really helps us support our local families.
Thank you again.